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New website launch and project updates

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Today we launch this website to provide information on our project work to date.

We have so far conducted 3 focus groups. The first took place in Co. Donegal in January with members of the public. This was a really informative meeting and participants were enthusiastic about discussing renewable energy issues.

The second group took place in Co. Kerry in February, again with local residents. This was another great discussion, with many positive and negative aspects associated with wind energy being debated.

Our third group took place in March in Athlone with various policy makers working in the field of renewable energy and local politicians facing renewable energy issues. It was great to get the alternative perspectives of those who create policies and those who have to enact those policies on a more local level.

We had planned one final focus group but unfortunately this will be postponed until later in the year when it is safe to have a gathering of people.

For now, work continues on the survey which will be a crucial form of data for this project.

Stay safe, and keep an eye out for future updates.

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