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Wind Turbines


Current Research

Our current project "How does the export of renewable energy affect the social acceptability of wind-farm development?" (funded by SEAI) aims to clarify what factors impact the acceptance of wind energy for an export market. This project will use a combination of focus groups with members of the public and policymakers, a national survey and econometric techniques to establish attitudes and values. To view more details on this project, click the button below. 

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Project Lead; Senior Lecturer

Tom teaches economics and environmental economics in the J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics. His research is multidisciplinary and focuses on the economics of renewable energy, economics of biodiversity, valuation of environmental public goods and ecosystem services and common property resources and the economic analysis of institutions. Tom has published over 30 peer reviewed publications and various reports associated with a variety of economic studies both nationally and internationally. 


Post Doctoral Researcher

Noreen holds a degree in Economic and Social Studies, a Higher Diploma in Economic Science, a Masters in Environmental Economics and a PhD in Economics. She has previously been employed in a research position with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Teagasc as well as in a role in the transportation industry producing business analytics and forecasts. Her interests lie in the field of renewable energy economics and community acceptance.

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